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Part 1: Are You A Border Collie?

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Breeding BC’s has proven to be quite demanding. Let me explain; the breed itself is quite challenging even for an experienced dog trainer, and by this I mean finding ways other than sheep herding, running, playing fetch and inventing new games for our dog’s. When I began my quest as to what breed I planned to breed, I knew I was going to have to love 95% or more of said breed. I am a very active person. I was for many years a competitive runner and, on occasion, still participate in 5-10k runs but I still run 3 miles a day. I am very much involved in the herding arena, since we do own several sheep at times we need assistance from our bc’s. The latter is very physically and mentally taxing. Many times you never know in which direction the sheep will run, and I personally have been run over by sheep and have had hooves stomp on my shoulders whilst on the ground. You hope the dog has been attentive during herding class. As I mentioned I am an active person and possibly by now, several of you might be saying to yourself, “Wow! What a bragger!” Nope, not at all. I want to make sure you, as a potential BC owner, have self examined and considered the high energy demand a BC will bring to your life (i.e., household). Is the BC the right breed for you? Just ask yourself these questions, “how many times do I get off my device(s) to do physical activity; do I have local parks (dog parks), agility facilities to enroll my puppy in; how many times a week do I run, walk etc?” There are a lot more questions I can list, but you know what your life consists of.

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