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Doggy Bites: Is your Border Collie Puppy A Herder?

Does your puppy have what it takes to herd? Not all herding breeds desire to work. Yes, that's a true statement. Many people ask me, "how do I start my puppy on stock?" and my answer is find a seasoned trainer that specializes in herd training with, "dog-broke sheep," they are sheep that are trained to train sheep dogs.

Our dogs work on our farm they are not in the competitive ring but would require minimal amount of "clean-up" in order to participate in trials. Our dogs are considered rough working dogs; this means they are farm working dogs. They only work our personal sheep.

Stay Tuned: In a future blog, I will share what I do to "test" our puppies to determine their herding instincts.

Happy Sheep Tails 🐑

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