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Fast Food Doggy "Training" Method or The Express Method

What is It? Fast Food Dog Training Method or Express Dog Training; Means managing (short term) behaviors and not training for long term result(s). Unfortunately, the long term results can come at the cost of the dog's mental, emotional health.

Express “Training:”  Is getting the dog to perform the desired command that you are asking the puppy/dog to do by using negative tools and this includes: yelling, shoving, pulling the dog etc.  The tools (any negative tools that create fear/pain) can be pronged collars, choke, shock etc., or using the crate as a negative tool.

Medications: I’m going to add medications in the equation. We often overlook CBD (calming meds), due to its popularity, and we may not even think its use is negative. Why do we use it? because we want to control the irritating behavior.  Many veterinarians prescribe this, due to seeing their client (human) frazzled by their dog's common behaviors that the canine might be demonstrating in the home.  Instead of counseling them and advising the person to seek out dog training to get the unwanted behaviors in check.  They (veterinarians) just medicate.   Unfortunately, the dog can develop a dependency, if you aren’t careful; or the behaviors can get worse after the dog comes off his high.

I’m not here to throw the veterinarians under the bus; so I’ll add that anymore you can buy CBD products for pets just about anywhere these days, but this isn’t a good idea.

As a dog trainer it’s never a good idea to manage behaviors or think that an aversive can give you faster and better result(s). On the contrary, according to the dog’s mental health is at greater risk if using pain (of any kind) in your training method.   

There’s a training center in Greenville, SC., that solely uses training collars, and pride themselves in not using pain to “train,” but they coach their clients on how to use the training collars.  I know this to be true because one of our puppy owners used their facility.  After I offered my services to her.  I found this out because SHE told me and Gil over dinner. She came back to apply for one of our Bordoodles and I declined her application.

Take the time to work with your puppy/dog.  Is it easy? There will be challenges but it can also be enjoyable too.  In the long run you will be happier with the results, and your relationship with your puppy might be stronger for having given him the time, patience and love he needs to thrive in just about any situation.  Without breaking his/her spirit.

Happy Tails 🐾

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