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FAQ: Puppy Potty Training Questions

Updated: Jun 5

How long will it take for my puppy to get potty trained?  This will depend on the amount of work you put in.  Many dog owners believe that a dog will automatically figure it out on his/her own.  This makes about as much sense as hoping your toddler will train himself (I experienced this only once out of my 5 daughters).  Different breeds may take longer than others.  The Bordoodle was my easiest dog to house train. You have to be committed to this training task.  Not only is it necessary for obvious reasons, but if you don’t lay a solid foundation in puppyhood they will revert back to using your lovely home as their toilet. This usually occurs between the ages of 6-12 months. Time frame to potty train should take 7 days and this is with dedication; however no longer than 1 month.

How do I potty train my puppy? My tried and true method has been to NOT allow the puppy to wander all over the house without adult supervision. I will attach a very thin almost weightless leash to the puppy’s collar and tie it on my belt loop, and yes, even walk around the house with puppy by my side.  This helps to make sure you catch puppy when she begins to show signs of nervousness or she may begin to whine/sniff around your feet.

Note:  I know parents are excited to have their children help in training their new puppy, but I don’t advise parents to give full potty training responsibility to their children. Let the children assist the parent.

What Do I do if my puppy potties in the house? Take puppy outside (don’t let him finish), and place puppy in a designated spot of your choosing.  Don’t scold the puppy, it’s best not to talk to the dog, in my opinion, not talking hurts the dog’s feelings more than words, only because dogs are more sensitive to our non-verbals (energy).  This isn’t new age thinking it’s just how dogs were created.

What if I didn’t see it happen?  If you didn’t see the puppy eliminate in the house; then it didn’t happen. First, don’t let the dog see you pick up the poo, and don’t scold the dog. Most likely they won’t remember having done this. You take her waste outside to his designated area, and then get puppy (on leash) and lead her to the poop, and have her sniff around the poo. 

How will I know if my puppy is potty trained? My rule of thumb is.. if the dog has asked to go outside at least for 1 week on his/her own without eliminating inside the house, then I’d say you’ve done a great job! And you are on your way to success.

Please, do your own research: If you find my training methods to difficult to follow, for your lifestyle. This information is from my personal experience, and how I have chosen to train my puppies. It’s worked for us. My methods are very rigorous but effective. 

Final note: Don’t use their crate for punishment.

Happy Puppy Tails 🐾

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