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Excellence in Training with Melissa, Nicole and Freya

Melissa, taking a break with Freya!

Day 1

Training Week 2

Freya (Bronwyn and Duff’s puppy) was sold to Melissa and Nicole. They live about 20+ minutes from us in a lovely, quaint, new development.

I was honored, as I am with all of our customers that decide to purchase puppies from our breeding program. However, many of you start out as customers but are now our friends.

I was very humbled when Nicole reached out to me asking for puppy training. This was a lovely, pleasant surprise. I offer consultations but many times people just are not willing to follow through with training because it’s too hard. This usually leaves me a bit disappointed and hurt for the puppy/dog. I don’t necessarily expect a person to receive training from me but I know the benefits of training for the success of the dog. My method is positive reinforcement; using high value treats, a clicker, and a lot of praise. This shouldn’t be difficult to follow.

However, Nicole and Melissa are the type of clients that are interested in excellence. In their lives they hold themselves to a high standard which has impressed me but it’s what they expect from even their fur babies. Early on, Melissa told me she wanted a puppy dog that she and Nicole could enjoy having around their friends and neighbors and I couldn’t agree more. In the future, they plan to enroll Freya in agility competitions. In this early stage of our training program, we are strengthening basic obedience skills and I have introduced agility equipment for puppies.

The important thing that I have been so excited about is that Nicole and Melissa are working together for Freya, Dakota and Boots (kitty). I’m already seeing a lot of positive changes in all of their family. This keeps me motivated and loving my “job,” as a Professional Canine Trainer.

Happy Training Tails, Melissa and Nicole 🐾

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