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Doggy Bites: Walking your puppy off lead

Begin by using the training method called “Luring" - it’s exactly as it sounds. You will begin by palming a treat in your hand, and the rule is puppy has to stay next to you in order to receive the tasty reward at the end of the exercise. Make sure you use a seldom used doggy treat or safe human snack, (i.e., cheese, sandwich meat). Remember your dog should be leash trained in order for this to be an effective training method. Place the treat in your hand, let her see the treat, walk slowly, and if you find that puppy loses interest, give her a sit command and then let her sniff or have a small sample of the tasty reward. Once you have regained her attention, continue walking towards your goal that you have set; praise her for having stayed close by, and definitely reward her with the treat immediately.

Have Fun!

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