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Doggy Bites: Is your NOT so small “puppy” still jumping?

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

This is a common problem for many dog owners to correct in their dog. It’s not because they see it as an issue but rather as “playful.” But in reality it’s rude behavior that needs to be brought under control. We have 8 dogs and I don’t find it pleasant to have my dogs rush me when I take them out of their kennels to play. They know not to jump on visitors either. However, like with children, one or two (dogs) might act out, in front of company, or at the veterinarian but this is uncommon. Early in their development, I established boundaries and I didn’t stray from my expectations regarding this unwanted behavior. I gave time out or I kept a lead on them almost constantly when they were puppies for various reasons, but if they appeared to get ready to jump on someone we immediately either stepped on the leash or used it as a handle to curb the jumping. This never harmed them at all. The most effective method is time out; we have “stations” around the yard and if one of the dogs runs off and doesn’t want to listen or begins to act out towards one of the other dogs, we have a way to quickly take the problem out of the way before it metastasizes into a fight. This bothers them the most because the fun has stopped! Well…it has for them.

Please, use consideration towards others- you don’t know if the person that is getting jumped on has a physical issue and there’s the potential the dog can harm or injure the person or child. Also, the unsuspecting person might even view it as aggression not as playful.

If you like your dog to jump on you that’s fine but don’t expect everyone to share your love of getting lunged on by Fido.

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