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Doggy Bites: Energy and Dog Therapy!

Do dogs respond to our energy? Of course they do, as do we with other humans. Think about this; when you receive an email/text from a friend, and their message is very positive but you get another “note” of perhaps anger, sadness emanating from their words. This is energy. So next time, you are in a stressed mental state, and it’s time to walk your dog, consider calming yourself down by take a few cleansing breathes, aromatherapy, a fragrant candle; you get the idea. Because your dog just might not want to play with someone that doesn’t “smell,” good, yes we also exude a fragrance that isn’t pleasing to their senses, it must really stink since they smell each others backends 😏.

My way to regroup is to sit and stroke our puppy dogs because they have a calming energy that makes me calm down, and they don’t ask very many questions…well Bronwyn does but she usually doesn’t tell 😊.

Happy Tails!

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