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Who Monograms Our Lovely Gift Bags/Blankets?

Alisha Couch with 3 Girls Design in Honea Path, South Carolina is the wonderful monogrammer of the customized items we give our puppy customers. For the last 4 years, we have done business with 3 Girls Design, and we are always so very impressed by her eye for detail. I have taken in bags on a Wednesday and she will ask, "How soon do you need them?" I'll say, "Soon?" and she will surprise me by saying, "Tomorrow?" She stays very busy by creating wonderful designs for various organizations. It's no surprise with their excellent customer service, and attention to detail, that she stays very busy.

Alisha gives all of her customers a warm smile and hello when you walk inside the store, and for a brief moment, you feel as though you've stepped into the warmth of a small town; Mayberry comes to mind and there's nothing wrong with that. I always feel welcome, and we are very happy she's close by to help us achieve a level of unique service for our customers when they buy a puppy from our breeding program. Thank You, Alisha Couch! You help us provide a uniquely special experience for our customers.

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