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Robyn and Tom, 1 puppy wasn't enough.

When I first met Robyn and Tom they were searching for 1 Border Collie. Robyn got in touch with me, and shared that Tom had just lost his beloved BC a few weeks before. She made it clear they were interested in one of the 2 females we had left. We scheduled a time for a visit. Once they arrived they were in puppy "heaven." Tom made his decision, and Robyn agreed that Augusta "Gussie" was the right choice, and were back on the road headed home to North Carolina. Thirty minutes later I received a phone call from Robyn, and she said, "We can't leave her (Gussie's), sister behind. We need to take both. I of course did not argue. Tom and Robyn had already set up training and commenced to preparing their home for two puppies.

Robyn, sent me the photos this past Christmas of Gussie and Georgia.

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