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First Family: The Kellett's and Missy

The Kelletts were the first family to adopt from us just over a year ago. Jessica was very quick to respond via email to ALL of my questions. Once I spoke to Jessica, by phone, her excitement of adopting one of Ivy's puppies quickly rubbed off onto me (Gabriella). We then invited she and her family over one Sunday afternoon, and we soon realized that any one of our puppies would never be lacking for love and attention after going home with her. Jessica quickly fell in love with Missy. Their two boys are very attentive to Missy's needs, not only regarding obedience training, but also companionship - as you will see in their photos.

Thank you to the Kellett's, not only for entrusting us to provide them with one of our quality puppies, but for providing Missy with a very loving home. Again, thank you from us here at Copper Barrel Farm Border Collies!

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