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Copper Barrel Farm

The Reid Family Farm & Market

Sustainable, Responsible, and Humane.

Simply the best quality livestock and farm products.

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Farm Products

View the latest farm fresh products here at the Painted Egg.

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Dog Training

Puppy Bootcamp & Training.

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Tunis Lamb

There is nothing that compares to Tunis lamb. 

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About Us

A New Family Tradition all Over Again

The Painted Egg at Copper Barrel Farm is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.  Our family spent most of our lives working around the country in business.  We moved back to the South in the Fall of 2017, bought a farm, and restored a farming tradition that was lost from our family for more than a generation.

Life is certainly filled with various twists, turns and unexpected events.  Those changes led us to Pavo, GA to continue our dream of growing a successful farm business in the heart of some serious farm country.

We are thankful stewards of the land, provided by our Creator, committed to its care and responsible management, along with the beautiful animals and plants it sustains.

It is our hope and prayer that everything produced in this lovely field of green will bring joy, health, and blessings to those who entrust us with their patronage.

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