Tunis Lamb - ground

Tunis Lamb - ground

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Farm Sales only - 1 pound packages of ground lamb.


It’s hard not to respect a breed that was referenced numerous times in the Bible (see fat-tailed sheep) and is reputed to be 3000 years old. It’s even harder to imagine the Tunis not being completely delicious since the first three U.S. presidents raised and consumed them.

John Adams mentioned the breed in his diary in 1782 when the Tunis had an excellent reputation for delicious mutton — and tail (not sold today!). Thomas Jefferson ordered the importation of a second herd from Tunisia because he loved them so much he thought they should be more readily available. George Washington bred them —one of his early legacies was the proliferation of his particular Tunis crossbreed on farms and dinner tables along the East Coast.


    Various cuts, such as ground lamb, lamb chops, and lamb shanks are available for off farm sale at the Clemson Area Food Exchange.  We are a small producer so our availability is somewhat seasonal in nature.