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Why Border Collie’s Aren’t For The “Faint Hearted”

I have had a very unfortunate experience with Bronwyn and Duff’s last litter. I have had 2 individuals both men that have not had the fortitude or intelligence to try to train their Border Collie puppies at 3-4 months old. Obviously, the BC was more intelligent than the individuals. Alex Brown, didn't want to hire a trainer for Major.

I received a phone call this week from a man in Georgia, letting me know he had a puppy of ours. Turns out the man (Rodney) that gave him the puppy, couldn’t manage the dog, and realized he didn’t have time to invest in a puppy with such a high drive. Rodney had Marshal castrated at 4 months old by a questionable veterinarian. Sadly, I can’t vet liars.

My point of this blog. I breed from working lines and this means high energy Border Collies. The saying that we have all heard, “A tired dog is a good dog”, unfortunately most people don’t have the energy to tire out a good Border Collie and there’s a good chance you won’t be able to. A lot of people don’t want to invest their time into training the dog. Remember, a puppy is an investment.

I don’t hide the fact that Bronwyn, is a working dog and she also comes from strong working lines, no different than Duff. I let ALL potential clients know the possibility for her producing strong working puppies/dogs. Can there only be one or two puppies from one litter that tick all the Border Collie boxes? Yes! With this last litter apparently there were more than usual. It’s always hard to tell until puppies are already in their forever home. I get excited when I see evidence that a puppy has “true” Border Collie traits.

Border Collie’s aren’t for lazy, unintelligent and/or selfish people. High energy dogs need a job to do and even though you don’t need to run the dog for hours upon hours a day, you should tax the dog mentally, and find fun games to play with him/her. Again, you’ll get exhausted before your dog does.

It’s not impossible to have a BC inside a house/apartment but you can’t expect a puppy that is already a high energy breed, not to act out it’s genetic hardwired design. This is where an intelligent, engaged human, needs to step up and teach the puppy. If your Border Collie puppy’s drive is from good working lines than she will desire to work, and it will be so strong that, as pets, they may herd you, other dogs, cars, or children. Unfortunately, the dog might even nip at your heels or children’s bottoms. This is not negative behavior!

When you buy a puppy, Border Collie or another breed you have made a commitment to that puppy. They aren’t disposable.

If you don’t want a dog DON’T get a puppy!

Unfortunate Tails 🐾

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