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Who’s Ralph?

Not sure if you noticed: I decided not to name the litter, I felt it would help our clients to see the puppy as their own; like a blank puppy canvas.

When naming our litters/puppies/dogs: I consider; syllables (no more than 2), and the meaning. This is always a fun time.

What made me change my mind with this handsome guy. First of all, he hasn’t been snatched up. When, I spend time with the pack, I call the puppies by their names, and I would call him by whistling like, “Hey You!" I just didn’t think it was fair to him. So, needless to say, he also needed a name like his siblings.

What’s In A Name: Names give us somewhat of an identity.  How many times have we said, “I wish I had a different name!” I know I have.

After careful consideration, and through my observations: I noticed he is a problem solver, if he wants to get out of the whelping box, he gets out. He’s very energetic too! When we head outside, he runs circles around us, and his siblings; This is fun to watch.  Plus, he’s the oldest of the bunch, when he was born, he came out screaming, and blindly trying to find his way around.  So he needed a strong name!

So I Decided On Ralph? Why Ralph? Well it means.."Wolf Counselor!" He does hold “court” when he feels he needs to get the pack back on track, and occasionally will have to nip/bite to get his message across. At the same time Ralph, loves his brother and sisters very much.

🐾 He’s a sweet little guy and will definitely bring a lot of love and light to almost any home environment.

Happy Ralphie Tails 🐾 🤭

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