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Warning! Easter Bunnies, Duckies, and Chicks! Oh! MY!!

This blog is for those, that think surprising your children, grand-children, etc. with a bunny rabbit or other cute, little spring critter is going to make for an extra special celebration, and “the” photo experience. I will say it might for that moment. However, are you going to offer a life that the animal deserves after the last egg is found and you’ve said farewell to your last guest?

There’s a lot that goes into caring for even the littlest creature on a farm. Think about this: special food, heat, water and what if the chick or ducks don’t want to eat or drink or might get sick? Do you know what to do? Or are you planning to post a question in a group on social media for advice? And to this I’ll say, “YIKES.”

Note: Food for thought- do you know that ducks/goslings can’t get wet before they feather out, and if they do, they can potentially freeze? And how do you go about the ducks/goslings drinking water if they can’t get wet? Chicks need temperatures to stay between 95-100 °F until they feather out, but while they are losing their down feathers, you will need to adjust their temperature (if you don’t have a brooder) to the appropriate temperatures that they require.

According to Animal Welfare Advocates, the “easter” bunny is the 3rd most surrendered animal in animal shelters and yes, they are euthanized. I know some people will just let their ducks and geese “walk” off but for the domestic goose that can’t fly, many people will just kill them.

Please, be responsible before you make a life decision for a furry/feathered critter. You can always have a farmer “loan” you a little animal or visit a beautiful farm for your holiday photos. There are other ways to give your kids a lovely easter experience without the additional care of a living, breathing being that has no idea why it’s in a cul-de-sac. Plus, your little chick can also grow into a rooster! How fun for your neighbors.

Note: ducks life span 7-10 years, rabbits 5-10 years, chickens 5-10 years.

So before you utter that sentence, “You know what the kids would love for easter!?” Stop, drop (your phone), and think about the day after your celebration, and look around your house, your life and see if you have all that it takes to care for this “good idea.”

Happy Bunny Tails 🐰

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