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Update: 3 Week Old, Bordoodle Puppies

Male 1: He is developing into a very inquisitive puppy. He is now sneaking out of the whelping box in order to stay close to his mama. Unfortunately, we have now added extra "security" in order to protect puppy. He is the first born of the bunch and as of 5-21-2024, he is now a whopping 5.0 lbs

Male 2: Is a rambuctuous puppy. He likes to instigate "action" among his siblings. He loves pets, and nuzzles on his nose. However, this is after he's ready to relax after 10 minutes of playtime with his family. His weight is 4.8 lbs.

Female 1: Is the calmest of the bunch, and takes after her momma. She isn't as vocal as the rest of her siblings, but make no mistake she does defend herself IF necessary 😊.. She is now at a weight of...4.5 lbs.

Female 2: What can I say about this little girl. She is similar to Male 1 in that she is always up for a challenge; i.e., eating the fastest, jumping on one of her siblings and then running away😊. At 4.6 lbs., she makes sure she is noticed 🖤 and keeps up with her brothers.

Female 3: So adorable and wants to be heard in the midst of the "crowd." She growls and nips her siblings but not out of malice but in a very playful, and loving way...better way of saying this, it's all in good fun! 🖤 😊...How much does she weigh? A strong 4.8 lbs.

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