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The Painted Egg At Copper Barrel Farm, Has Moved!

We are no longer in South Carolina, but in Georgia.  We moved here in the fall of 2023.  We bought a lovely 157 year old farmhouse which sits on 5 acres, and surrounded by nothing but farmland, as far as the eye can see.  I guess you can call it a micro farm but we plan on doing BIG things here.

The land has a lot to offer; we have mature pecan, fruiting trees (apple, mulberry, pear), and very mature berry bushes.  It was a surprise to us, since the size of this lot is much smaller. However it helps that it’s over 150 years old.  Needless to say, I’m excited to get back to gardening, and seeing what else the land has to share.

We are still raising our chickens for eggs, and once we are settled in (future), I will continue to raise our own meat birds.  We plan to have our sheep back home, very soon.  They are currently staying with a friend, Alasdair McCraigh back in South Carolina.  However, we will only have 7 and use them predominantly as training sheep, and grazing the land.

Our dog breeding program will continue. We have now bred, Ivy, our Border Collie and Baxter, our Standard Poodle. The union appeared to be a success.

Future blogs: I will post photos of our new home, land, chicken coop, dog kennel, dog training park (under construction), etc.

Plus, we plan to offer additional programs during 2024.

Stay Tuned and as always!! Keep them tails wagging! 🐾

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