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Reasons Owner’s Relinquish Their Dogs

Life happens - no doubt about that. Way too often, people find themselves in a situation where they might need to make some difficult choices regarding their dog/puppy purchase. Many times, it’s a result of our own making and sometimes life just throws us a curve ball, through no fault of our own, and especially no fault of the animal, but unfortunately the dogs/cats are the ones to suffer.

I will list the top reason’s dogs are relinquished below. Understand these are just a few reason’s, but I assure you there are more.

Lack of socialization and poor breed choice: Keep in mind dog’s are hard wired. You can never eliminate genetic make up that the dog was bred to do but you can reel it in to some degree.

Divorce: Either individual is no longer able to provide for the dog and living arrangements have changed.

New baby: This is another reason for relinquishing your dog. The couple(s) is not able to spend adequate time with the dog, and believes it will create trouble in the home, once baby arrives.

Covid Purchase: Most recently the Covid Purchase. In a nutshell it made sense at the time. A purchase made our of fear of the unknown.

Please, don’t give the dog away to family or friends. The shelters are over run by about 30+ percent of dogs/cats yearly that are relinquished from family/friends that feel it was a “mistake” and they no longer want to care for the animal. Remember, YOU bought/adopted the dog and the family member/friend really doesn’t have any skin in the game. This is also one reason why dogs are physically abused prior to relinquishment. Constant changing of hands will also create mental/emotional issues within the dog/cat. In other words rejection.

Consider offering the dog back to the breeder. As a breeder, I will think more highly of your character if you offer us the dog versus you giving the dog away. I have access to resources that you might not have at your disposal. This is VERY UNFAIR AND CRUEL! Unfortunately, many times the original owners are ashamed of contacting the breeder for fear they’ll think less of them. This is so NOT TRUE!

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