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Puppy Bites: Available Male #1 Bordoodle Puppy

Temperament: He is a very outgoing puppy and is very trainable even at this young age. He’s very attentive and very active.  He’s demonstrating Border Collie traits (at least right now). His actions for instance: Jumping out of his whelping box (12 inches), and is an instigator to start “action,” among his siblings.  Many times mom needs to intervene to stop his shenanigans.

Coat Trait: Very different than his black and white siblings. His coat is very soft, shiny, and appears it will lean more towards dad’s fur/hair.  The Poodle’s coat is similar to our hair in the way that it grows. The coat closest to their body is very soft and lovely.

Best Human Fit For Puppy: Active, patient, loving, committed, and able to spend a lot of time with him during his puppy phase, and is willing to provide professional dog training. Plus, being able to provide an outlet for his active “personality.”

Happy Bordoodle Tails 🐾

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