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Puppy Bites: Available Female #3, Bordoodle Puppy

Temperament: Calm, sits and waits for her food, can defend herself, is not an anxious dog which is similar to Ivy (mom), very focused and very trainable (at least right now), not overly active and her response when called is exceptional (i.e., recall).

Coat Trait: Similar to her brother (Male 1), but has just a touch more curliness, and very beautiful.

Best Human Fit For Puppy: Loving, committed, willing to spend resources for professional dog training. This is due to her special qualities that are shining through and it’s important to nurture positive traits when they begin to show through especially early on in this puppy stage.  Perhaps a retired couple that has time to spend with her.

Happy Bordoodle Tails 🐾

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