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Price Increase, Effective May 5th, 2022

Updated: May 5

Our price has increased to $3,200 (total puppy price) for a 7 week basic puppy training program for the current available Border Collie puppies. At 8 weeks of age, it’s essential to begin all puppies in a strong training program to establish a positive behavioral foundation. Positive Reinforcement basic puppy training session(s) will include: introduction to leash training, basic commands (i.e. sit, stay, wait, enough, and down), positive potty training, and minimal “outside” socialization. Specialized puppy training will include an introduction to our puppy agility course (equipment includes: hurdles, see-saw, tunnels, and slalom) and recall exercises.

My credentials are as follows: I am a CATCH certified professional dog trainer, with 27 years of dog training experience and a Canine Behavior Specialist (CBS). As a CBS, I assess the dog and owner(s) to better understand a situation, where the owners might be experiencing unwanted, or inappropriate behavior regarding the canines conduct within the home or with other humans or dogs. I am a member of the "Association of Professional Dog Trainers," and also a member with the (PIAI) Pet Industry Advocacy International, which focuses on, “the importance of sustaining the values and code of professional ethics, honest and transparent operational practices to support consumer protections and are committed to working towards the “Gold Standard” for professional competency.”

I am completing my specialized certification program, “Bite Prevention for Educators”, through Dognostic for professional dog trainers.

Disclaimer: My early introduction to training puppy is ONLY to establish positive behaviors. Training should continue once you take possession of your puppy and throughout its young life. I can’t guarantee my training methods if you as the owner will not continue to encourage positive behavior through training.

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