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Part 2: Is It You or Is It Me?

Genetics play a huge part in your puppy’s behavior too that cannot simply be measured by swabbing your dog’s cheeks, each puppy is different regardless of having been born into the same litter. You need to understand that a Labrador (I’m not picking on this breed :)) is a very mouthy breed and as a puppy they do bite and chew more than most, and why wouldn’t they? After all, they are sports dogs and have been designed to retrieve waterfowl, birds etc. So, if you aren’t willing to invest consistent training to teach him not to bite on furniture or a family member then this is not the breed for you. They are also extremely energetic, with high endurance levels. Something to consider. After a long work week do you look forward to spending your time inside watching your favorite Netflix show, having dinner with friends etc.. or do you prefer spending a few hours outside during the whole weekend versus a few hours per day? If your answer is yes, then a sports breed isn’t a good fit for you.

I received a phone call not too long ago of a person interested in one of our Border Collie puppies. I asked, "Why a Border Collie?" Their response, and I quote, “Because last Saturday my girlfriend and I were binge watching agility competitions on YouTube, and the Border Collies were so cool and smart!” I asked, “On a Saturday?” He replied, “Yeah” and I said, “Well, you might have to rethink your breed of choice because if you’re sitting in your living room watching YouTube instead of spending your time outside on the weekend then I wouldn’t feel comfortable selling you one of our puppies.” Or one of my personal favorite questions to date, “Do you have a Border Collie puppy that doesn’t have a lot of energy?” Surrrreee. YouTube doesn’t qualify as research! :))

More to follow. Sit! Stay.....Tuned for the conclusion.

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