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Part 2: Are You a Border Collie?

I will be breeding Lady Annie, our blue merle, this fall or the latter part of this year and feel our Duff will be a good match. However, her puppies will more than likely have high energy, and yes high anxiety puppies if not worked enough. We will be changing up our questionnaire and will require photos (recommended by: https://www.gooddog.com ) of family and phone/FaceTime meetings prior to moving to the next step for adoption. If you feel that we’re a bit harsh with our process, all I can say is there are a lot of wonderful BC breeders that don’t require a lot from their customers, but a loving home (which is important); however, the end result is regretting their purchase and for many puppies this means being surrendering by their owners. The best way to find a reputable breeder is to visit http://americanbordercollie.org and read the High Volume Breeders before making a decision as to which breeder you wish to do business with. I’ve talked to a lot of people who tell me that they had owned a BC, but had to “get rid” of the dog because it was too much for them.

Hopefully, you will chose us here at The Painted Egg at Copper Barrel Farm. We love our puppies very much and our breeding dogs and want what’s best for all our furry family and your human family too. This should be a happy experience for everyone involved.

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