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My Birthday Blog!

Today I’ve thought a lot about my younger self, my love and curiosity of dogs, and where it began. I believe it started when I was about 5-6 years old. I asked my mother this question, “What language do dogs speak?” She said, “They understand whatever language their owners speak.” Of course, this wasn’t a good enough answer. My next question, “What if they live in France and they move here (America)?” She replied, “Dogs speak their own language (barking), and no language is hidden from their understanding. Regardless, if they move to another country they won’t need to learn that language. As long as they are loved and fed.”

I asked my mom this question because she didn’t speak English and I would attend night school with her. I had it in my head that the same was true for dogs 🙂.

Dogs are not complicated creatures. They see our hearts and despite that they still want to be a part of our lives. Remember, dogs don’t see color, political views, race, social/financial standing, education or lack of, etc...(just to name a few). These issues should not separate us from loving one another but they do. We can learn a lot from our furry friends.

I sometimes wish, as I did as a child, that I could be a canine for just one day and see the world through their eyes 😊.

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