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Is it okay to use training collars?

Updated: May 3

Yes, it’s okay to use training collars. However, you should never use a training collar in order to eliminate a negative behavior, it just won’t work. Implementing pain (shock), to decrease an unwanted behavior is not an effective training method. This might actually increase the negative behavior(s).

Best way to use training collars?

Shock: Should not be used, since this can actually cause a dog to get overly aroused (excited), to the point of feeling threatened and react in an aggressive manner towards you or someone else. Keep in mind you can actually burn their neck.

The way that I use an e-collar is ONLY to get the dogs attention; Please, keep in mind this should not be your first choice, in implementing positive training behaviors. I will only use it if and ONLY IF, I feel it’s beneficial to redirect their focus during training, (e.g., training our BC’s when training them to herd sheep, in the pasture). If they don’t respond to whistles or my voice, I’ll use the sound when they get a bit to carried away on the sheep and lose focus. I can't depend on the collar for every herding session or they will believe, I don't have control. For puppy training, I use it to redirect puppy’s focus and immediately reward her for looking at me, and then quickly give puppy the command. Again, I don’t use it on all of our puppy’s this is rare.

Border Collies need a lot of redirection because they suffer from BCHDD (Border Collie Hyper Deficiency Disorder) ☺️. So if we were to use the shock we would end up burning a hole through their neck.

Vibration: Is not effective in my opinion. It gives them a bit of a shake but it’s not worth discussing.

Disclaimer: E-collars should never be used as the ONLY training tool in order to train in positive behavior(s), in your puppy/dog. I will NEVER use it on client’s dog(s) ONLY our own. Once, you take it off their neck, they’ll figure out it carries the power, NOT YOU! If you need this to help train (or to keep them in check), your puppy/dog then maybe you need to reach out to a certified dog trainer to teach you more humane training methods.

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