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Doggy Bites: Unwanted Behavior

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

If you are continuing to experience unwanted behavior with your dog it might not be the dog.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Did I socialize my puppy early on?

  2. Did I reward negative behavior i.e., jumping, pulling on leash etc.?

  3. Did I spent enough time with puppy early on in her development?

  4. Did I choose the wrong breed?

Breed Choice: Let's say, you have a friend that has a very sweet Jack Russell Terrier, and you decide to get one for yourself and a week down the road, you come to realize, you and little "Jack," aren't a perfect match. He NEVER shuts off or up! he's like the "Energizer Bunny," he's chewing on everything, terrorizing the cat, doesn't like children, and YOU just want to sit quietly and read a book but "Jack," wants to chase everything that moves!

As with humans we all have personality differences and we want to hang out with people we can communicate with or share similar interest. Let's say you have a co-worker, you tolerate because you have to. At work you are polite, you smile but deep down inside, you can't wait to get away from them. Another scenario to consider; Perhaps, you don't know, you aren't going to like the company of an acquaintance, until you invite them out to dinner, without your friends, and part way through dinner, you come to realize, "Yikes! they're boring, we don't have anything in common!!" The reality is, we know there is someone out there, we will enjoy spending time with. We just need to be patient.

Another thing to consider: You might find out that you have “Managed,” the wanted behavior but didn’t “Modify” the wanted behavior. Managing is temporary you are creating its (dog) environment (the situation) to improve the dogs behavior for that moment. If you use “Behavior Modification,” this means you are “training” your dogs wanted behavior, for a longer period of time than just for the “moment.”


Management-Let’s say your dog isn’t fully house broken you walk around the house with the dog on his leash to make sure you don’t miss the signs he might be ready to relieve himself, and when you see him squatting, you run and let him out the door.

Behavior Modification-Your dog sits at the back door and whimpers to be let out. This is training that you instilled, the moment you got him home and established good habits early on; Through positive training methods.

Happy Tails! 🐾

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