• The Painted Egg

Bronwyn and Duff’s Litter

What we include with our new puppy owner packet for this litter.

  • Proof Of Vaccination

  • Feeding Schedule For Puppy

  • List Of Recommended Puppy Items

  • Trial Size Puppy Food

  • Limited Registration With ABCA *Limited Registration is perfect for pet owners. Only breeders need full registration

What We Do Not Include

  • Full Registration

  • Logo Gift Bags

  • Monogrammed Blankets

  • Water Bowls/Food Bowls i.e., travel pack

**At time of pick up all owners will need to sign a waiver for limited registration, this means that if you decide to breed puppy the puppies will not be recognized as registrable by the ABCA. However, in order for us (The Painted Egg At Copper Barrel Farm), to submit registration for puppy, the waiver does need to be signed, if you the owner decides not to sign this form, we as the breeders reserve the right to withhold registration (pedigree) for the new puppy.**

**Cost for ABCA registration is $15.00 if new owner submits paperwork or $25.00 if we (breeders) submit the application**

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