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Bordoodle Puppies Week 2 🐾

The puppies are now coming into their possible temperaments. Growling, barking; whilst I change the bedding in their whelping box, I have observed 2 of the puppies, appear to recognize the "change" of surfaces, what feels comfortable and what doesn't, if it's tile they will turn around and head back to their blanket or fall asleep where they are (on the tile); for the most part the other 3 will just stay on the fuzzy, comfy blanket. However, if the other less daring pups find themselves on the tile, they will lie there whimpering until mum comes to their rescue, AND that's okay too 🙂.

Very soon, I will begin sharing my observations with photos and videos, individual and group. This is important to understanding the potential behaviors/temperaments of the adult dog.

Happy Puppy Tails 🐾

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