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Available: Male Bordoodle Puppy

Ralph (Male 1), is really developing into an amazing puppy. He will begin my puppy boot camp in full force, this coming week.

Puppy Boot Camp:

  •  I will begin working on focus

  • Leash Training

  • Mat Training (boundaries)

  • Continued Basic Training Skills (i.e., sit, come)

  • He has started to sit when I place his food bowl in his crate

  • I will introduce "Wait" when placing his food bowl in his crate

He's very engaged puppy, and loves to be around his human family. This week- I will begin integrating him into the pack on a regular schedule. Although, our adult dogs are all UTD on their vaccines, I'm still cautious of allowing puppies to stay too long outdoors.

🐕 I will post videos and photos of our training sessions

Happy Boot Camp Puppy Tails 🐾

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