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Available: Female #2 Back On The Market!

I'll explain in another blog post!

Temperament: Outgoing, rambunctious, and focused.  When she’s with her siblings she will get moving and can hold her own when things get a bit rough.  She’s fun to watch. When it’s time for training session.  She attacks this with her trademark gusto, too.

Special Trait: Last evening, Gil and I were spending some one on one time with the puppies and we both noticed she would run around the room (Art Room), and when Gil would call her she would immediately run towards him and sit right beside him.

My human preference for her: Needs to be a strong individual that is capable of providing her with mental and physical stimulation.  Preferably a retired couple or a family, that has the financial resources to provide what she needs for her training.  She is very intelligent and has the willingness to please.  An individual that IS willing to learn, is also necessary.

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