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2024 Bordoodle Puppy Litter

What Should We Expect?: This current litter of puppies is the most unique to date that have been born to anyone of our dogs. They are unique in the sense, that as young as 3 weeks of age they were already problem solving as a "pack". The lengths they went to, to get out of their whelping box was quite incredible. They would help one another out by allowing one puppy to climb on top of him/her to reach the opening. However, it was sad to be the last one left 🥺. This puppy group is focused and very attentive. I've tried in the past to assess the puppies in a group and individually. Giving them basic commands, (i.e., sit, come), most of time I would have one or two follow the command, this includes the border collie puppies and the bordoodles, and it was as I said hit and miss but not this group most of the time they all will follow my commands as a pack. Individually, their separate temperaments are beginning to come through. This can always change depending on the training they receive once they leave our home, and no training is still training.

Lenox-Mae, honing her training skills...😊

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