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Field of Sunflowers

A. Gabriella Reid

Faithful Border Collie

As long as forever 
I will stay by your side
I’ll be your companion 
Your friend and your guide
I’ll always love you 
Your friend and companion 

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Bronwyn and Angus


Our First Dam

Bronwyn is a loyal Border Collie, who is an excellent herding dog, specifically to sheep, and on occasion her humans.  She also has a playful side and once her job of herding is done, she still enjoys a game of fetch.


Her puppies have the potential of being wonderful working dogs, which is truly up to the owners, as well as loving companions.


In this picture, Bronwyn can be seen herding one of her first babies, Angus, on his first day outside the kennel.


Bronwyn's Buddy

Ivy, our second Dam, is one of the sweetest dogs anyone will ever meet.  She nurtures any puppy she comes into contact with, and loves hugs more than treats. 

In contrast to Bronwyn, Ivy does not possess the typical traits of a Border Collie (i.e. herder), but is a wonderful companion not only to her human family, but to all the animals on our farm.  She is a loving, gentle dog who aims to please.  Ivy is a loving mother who produces exceptional puppies who, like her, are excellent furry family friends .



Bronwyn's First Born

Annie is the jubilant offspring of Bronwyn and Hard Rock Neal.  She favors her dad, Neal (ABCA Champion Herder) , but possesses all the energy of her mom.  She has demonstrated both dam and sire's herding abilities.

We plan to breed Annie with Duff in the latter part of 2021, so puppies are expected in early 2022.

Winston Duff

Border Collie Royalty

We had the privilege of adding Winston Duff to our family of Border Collies in early 2020.  Duff comes from exceptional bloodlines resulting from Hubert Bailey’s phenomenal border collie breeding program. 


As expected, Duff has demonstrated wonderful herding abilities and has proven himself as a viable stud.  Stud service is available.  Please see our products page for more details.

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