A. Gabriella Reid

As long as forever 
I will stay by your side
I’ll be your companion 
Your friend and your guide
I’ll always love you 
Your friend and companion 
For I am a faithful border collie



Our First Dam

ABCA No. 45037.  Bronwyn is a lively Border Collie, who loves to play fetch with any kind of ball she can find - even the ones that are a little too large for her mouth.

She is an excellent herd dog, and enjoys herding chickens, geese, and people - in addition to our Tunis sheep.  Her puppies will be excellent working dogs, as well as loving companions.


Bronwyn's Buddy

ABCA No. 462929.  Ivy is a slightly calmer version of Bronwyn, who loves to herd Bronwyn as she plays fetch.  

Ivy works well with other herd dogs, and together with Bronwyn, form a very effective herd team.  She is a loving, gentle dog we expect to produce beautiful puppies.

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